Our focus on activities related to sustainability is at the core of its long term goal of being a leader in providing sustainable and integrated textile solutions. The sustainability programs include interventions in prevention of environmental degradation, promotion of energy conservation and stress on community development.

On the environment protection front the thrust is on green development. This includes promoting green procurement to minimize environmental degradation through mitigation of environmental impact on Climate Change and pollution of Air, Water and Soil. Here, waste recycling is actively pursued across all its processes. The endeavor is to demonstrate environmental leadership and influence the industry and citizens at large to encourage use of environmental friendly products, processes and services. In addition, the Company has a state of art ETP system established for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of effluents and reverse osmosis plant to optimize water conservation.

Energy Management
We are committed to achieve the lowest Specific Energy Consumption per unit of product, thereby minimizing Greenhouse emissions, solid waste and water pollution. It strives to attain sustainable development by continuously improving Energy Conservation and Energy efficiency throughout the production cycle. It also prevents wastage of energy in any mode - steam, water, air or power - by efficient and most optimal use of resources.

Giving back to Society
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are integral to operations at the plants. We have been an active supporter of Gujarat Cancer Society Research Foundation. We are committed to provide safe environment to its team of people.

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